Apparently, Ferrari does not approve of the Purrari, as Deadmau5 was issued a cease and desist order from the Italian car company.


As Gigwise puts it, “Affectionately known as the ‘Purarri’, the producer’s Ferrari 458 Spider was decorated as a homage to internet sensation Nyan Cat, which has a pop-tart body and flies through space with a rainbow trail behind it.”

The order came when Deadmau5 decided to put the Purarri up for sale this year, and because of it, he has unwrapped the car. “Yeah it was mostly about the custom floor matts and the custom purrari badges. Whatever. It’s just a normal ass 458 now. All good,” the DJ tweeted.

Luckily, Deadmau5 was able to get a little use out of the colorful car before he had to take it all down. He used it in his “Coffee Run” series on YouTube, where he had coffee with a guest in the car. He also took it around Europe on the Gumball 3000 rally.

Deadmau5 will be performing, sans Purrari, at the iTunes festival this week in London.