It’s been known for a while that Lady Gaga has been working on a duet jazz album with the legendary Tony Bennett. The record is called “Cheek To Cheek” and is scheduled to be released in September of this year, barely making the Grammy deadline. The album has been in the works for quite a while now, but it seems that Gaga and Bennett are almost ready to release their masterpiece. Thursday, the 24th, Gaga posted multiple pictures on her Instagram showcasing herself in the studio. “Studio Rattin’ with the Bennett Boys,” she wrote on one photo. “It’s a Standard night #CheekToCheek,” she captioned another. Gaga also captioned another picture with what seem to be lyrics; the caption read “Dance with me, I want my arm about you.” Excited yet? It’s only been less than a year since the release of Gaga’s last studio effort, ‘ARTPOP’, but fans are already rabid for more music from their idol; apparently, they’re even willing to accept jazz music at this point. The album is already creating buzz among fans and the media, and it’s sure to be a big event when it is finally released. After all, who doesn’t get curious when Lady Gaga is mentioned?