Tim Bergling, more popularly known by his stage name Avicii, was a Swedish DJ and producer. Sadly, Avicii passed away back on April 20th, while staying in Muscat, Oman. To help cope with his passing, we’ve compiled a list of the artist’s best songs as a way to remember him by.

“Seek Bromance”

Before using his current moniker, Avicii, Tim Bergling used to release tracks as Tim Berg. While releasing songs under the old name, Tim ended up releasing two hit tracks in 2010, those being “Bromance” and the other being “Seek Bromance” a seemingly remixed version of the prior song. “Seek Bromance” had hit peak charts across most major European charts, with the track receiving platinum, silver, and gold certifications.


“Levels” was Avicii’s first major hit under his more commonly known stage name, and was even his first song to be on the top of charts internationally, peaking number 1 in both the United States and Sweden. Levels became a major part of Avicii’s career, especially naming his own record label after the song, as well as many critics calling it one the greatest EDM songs of all time due to its chart success and recognizable synth riff. The track received multiple platinum certifications, including an 8x platinum, as well as a 3x gold certification.


Silhouettes was the next major track released by Avicii to hit peak positions on the charts. Released in 2012, Silhouettes offered listeners a taste of Avicii in the new year. However, like “Seeking Bromance,” the song was only topping off the European charts and unfortunately wasn’t as well-received in the United States’ charts. The song did manage to receive a 3x platinum, a gold, and a silver certification.

“I Could Be The One”

“I Could Be The One” ft. Nicky Romero was an instant hit globally. The song, originally unnamed and later given a working title “NickTim” inspired by the two artists first names (Nicky Romero and Tim Bergling), ended up being the first chart topping single in the UK for both Romero as well as Avicii. The song received a rather mediocre review by critics but ended up receiving a 3x Platinum and three gold certifications.

“Wake Me Up”

“Wake Me Up” is another classic, along the same lines as “Levels.” Released in 2013, “Wake Me Up” reached number one on major charts globally, with the only exception being the United States placing it at the fourth highest position on U.S. billboards. By teaming up with Aloe Blacc, Avicii managed to take the world over once again, making “Wake Me Up” a banger almost immediately. The song achieved eight different platinum certifications, including the highest being a 13x platinum.

“Hey Brother”

Not too long after “Wake Me Up,” Avicii released another hit entitled “Hey Brother,” a song created as a way to provide advice to his actual brother. “Hey Brother” reached similar high rankings globally on different charts, usually within the top 10 or top 20 songs, which, in return, certified the track to a platinum status across seven different certifications.

“Waiting For Love”

Teaming up with the newly rising to fame EDM artist, Martin Garrix, Avicii helped to produce the song “Waiting For Love.” The song uses great divides in tonal qualities to provide the impact of the idea of “waiting for love to come around” and then striking down harder with a more gritty tone to the idea of taking that love. The song hit top 20 positions across different boards globally, and earned the record five different platinum certifications and two gold certifications.

“Without You”

“Without You” shows Avicii’s return to his original song structure methodology. The song takes entirely major sounding lyrics and chords, adds it into an acoustic backing track, and layers a few synths on top. It follows the basis of “Hey Brother” and “Wake Me Up,” providing his audience with a song that returns them back to his roots from True, his first album. Released originally by a fan made video in 2016, “Without You” wasn’t officially released until August of 2017, but over time the continued play gave the track four different gold certifications and one silver.

“Lonely Together”

Partnering with Rita Ora, Avicii produced “Lonely Together,” the second single released off his second album, Avīci (01). “Lonely Together” tells the story of what seems to be a one-night stand, explaining that even by being “Lonely Together” you still feel lonely after having a meaningless hookup, as you aren’t able to truly connect with the other. The song reached three gold certifications and one platinum, and placed mainly under the top 50 in most billboard positions across the globe.


Tim Bergling was an icon to many artists and people alike, sending many of his fans and associates into a state of disbelief when the news first broke. Hopefully, by listening to his creations, we can relive the time he had with us and remember him for who he was.