DJ Steve Aoki — recently listed in Forbes as one of the highest-paid DJs in the world— is known for his audience-interactive antics, which include cake-throwing, spraying crowds with champagne and jumping off stage with fans in between mixes. During one such event a concert-goer was seriously injured when Aoki jumped from around 20 feet into the crowd. The EDM superstar has recently apologized to her personally, as well as through a public statement.

In 2012, concert-goer Brittany Hickman sustained near paralysis neck injury when when Aoki leapt from above the stage onto an inflatable raft held up by fans in the audience, trapping her underneath and knocking her unconscious. Hickman, who was in her mid-20’s at the time of the incident, sued Aoki and Hard Rock Cafe International Inc. in 2013, claiming Aoki’s impact left her with a concussion and a herniated disc that eventually required spinal fusion surgery to repair.

Now, legal proceedings regarding Hickman’s lawsuit against the Hard Rock venue for $10.7 million in damages has come to an end. After a two-week trial, the court jury decided 10-2 in favor of Hard Rock on Tuesday, dispelling the venue’s responsibility for Steve Aoki’s actions.

Following the verdict in favor of the venue, Steve Aoki issued a statement through his publicity team apologizing to Hickman. The statement said:

“Steve would never want anyone to get hurt at one of his shows and is sorry Ms. Hickman did. After they reached a confidential settlement, they had the chance to speak, and Steve got the chance to apologize. The favorable verdict for his co-defendant, Hard Rock Hotel, brings welcome closure to all parties.”