Nexus Radio is a DPM (Dance-Pop-Music) station, please listen to our station to ensure your music is a good fit.

Artist Submissions
Would you like your CD/Mix/Remix, Play on the Nexus Radio. We will be more than willing to consider your contribution for inclusion into the Nexus playlist. Please read the below remarks while submitting your material.

We love listening to new music, but please note the following guidelines to make sure that your song/CD/mix is considered:

1. Listen to the station. See if your music matches our style. We do not play artists outside of our genre.

2. Send us a PLAYABLE LINK of your full single. Do not send a sample or a link to a paid download service.

We are not a record label or record store and therefore are not on the lookout for talent prospects. So please only send us CDs that are finished products. Along with your CD, please include information about yourself or a press kit including a photo (if you have one), any reviews of your music and/or concerts. Be sure and tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are passionate about doing your music the way you do. If you are not proud of your press kit, don’t worry about it.

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we generally are unable to contact you or respond with feedback.

Thanks for your interest in us!

Nexus Radio
332 S Michigan Ave, Suite 1032 F497
Chicago, IL 60604

Online Submissions, Click Here.

Club/DJ Mix Policy
The clubmix policy is meant to help the DJ’s maintain the Nexus music format while helping their mixes sound the best on-air (quality-wise); this policy applies to all mix shows and all DJs.

1. Listen to the station. See if your mix matches our style.

2. Send us a PLAYABLELINK of your mix. Do not send a MP3 link or ask for an email address.

– Send your playlist with your mix submission.
– We prefer mixes be between 128k and 192k (preferably 128k), anything under 128 sounds muffled and anything over 128k becomes excessively large.
– Mixes must have a sample-rate of 44.100 kHz (no exception) our automation software will not take anything other than 44 kHz.
– Mixes must be in MP3 format.
– Mixes must be 60 minutes with the last track faded out on the 60 minute mark (unless it’s a syndicated show).
– Hardcore hip hop is not allowed (R&B remixes, and electro-hip hop are allowed).
– Mashups that are considered electronic are allowed.
– Music with profanities is not allowed.
– Mixes with offensive language (to any group, types or people) will be automatically removed.

Listen to the station. See if your music matches our style. We do not play mixes outside of our genre.

Online Submissions, Click Here.