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♫ Moguls in the Making : Breathe Carolina ♫

’s chats with EDM-Rockstars Breathe Carolina during the Radio Lounge hosted at Drink-house Fire & Ice bar during Miami Music Week/Winter Music Conference 2018.

 The duo discuss their switch from Rock to EDM, their new singles “Long Live ” and “Sweet Dreams”, they also take the ultimate Nexus Radio take-five quiz where we ask them a series of personal/not-so-personal questions.

One thing that stood out was the of fragrances. When we asked the duo what the official fragrance would smell like, Tommy and David did not mince their words about their real-life fragrance concoction:

“It would smell like a mix between the La Coste cologne and the YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) cologne because every time we get into a cab everyone asks [ about their fragrance ]… so we could just dump out the La Coste bottles and fill them with the YSL mix-age and sell them… make millions!”

Breathe Carolina

We love their spirit of entrepreneurship! So attention investors and sharks, now is the time to buy your stocks in Breathe Carolina fragrances as they are moguls in the making!

Get to know David and Tommy from Breathe Carolina, listen to their entire below ↓

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