♫ Sophie Francis talks Female Empowerment ♫

Sophie Francis and Dayanna Ramirez relax on the comfortable Big Joe® Fluf(s) to discuss everything that is on Sophie’s mind (like Liam Hemsworth) and so much more!

We were truly inspired by her response to the question about whether she’d like to know if she were a robot or not.

“I guess I would like to know because then I would be able to update myself, my brain you know. So I would really like to know because then I would be able to speak every single language in the world – and actually speak to people [when I’m touring] in like china or India, Indonesia, you know?”

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The PowerPuff-girls fan also had a special message about female empowerment.

“I guess [ I want ] to show the world the girls can do it too. That girls can produce just like guys can, that girls can perform just like guys can and to motivate every girl out there to not give up when things get hard and just continue their dream.”

Sophie also touches on her goals as an artist and drops a few hints of her up-coming tracks. ↓

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