10 Questions with brother DJ duo ManyFew


10 Questions with brother DJ duo ManyFew



We had the pleasure of chatting with ManyFew. ManyFew is a Swedish production duo consisting of brothers Jacob and Victor Andersson. They are best known for “Off My Mind”––a 2020 single with which the brothers made their Spinnin’ Records debut.

Perfectly described as “brothers by blood and best friends by choice,” ManyFew began self-releasing music in 2017, including songs like “Feel Good,” “Where To Go,” and “How Would You Know.” They got their big break in 2019 with single “Makin’ Love,” which has been streamed over three million times on Spotify.

ManyFew not only connect with fans using the power of their own feel-good dance music, but with their radio show, Electronic Heaven. Started three years ago, the radio show boasts over one million monthly listeners. Earlier this month, the duo celebrated the 40th episode of Electronic Heaven with a digital celebration tour powered by Instagram Live and YouTube. 

ManyFew is the duo to look out for, and Tomorrowland would agree: ManyFew was selected as one of the Future 4, a title that Tomorrowland describes as, “An exclusive selection of 4 artists to keep an eye on, artists that are more than worth checking out.”

To learn more about ManyFew, including the last song they listened to, check out our interview with them below: 

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you? (current or future projects)

We’ve just signed to Spinnin’ Records and have just finished recording a remix together with Joe Stone of the classic dance record ‘Keep On Rising’ by Ian Carey. The remix will be out on June 4 so we are super excited for that one! Also we have another release together with Voost coming up this summer.

Q: What advice do you have for someone looking into getting into electronic music?

You need to work hard, nothing comes over night. Stick to the music you love, have patience and stay focused. 

Q: What is the last song you listened to?

Alex Preston – ‘Love You Better’ 

Q: What/when has your favorite performance been?

We had an absolute blast performing at Ministry Of Sound – The Weekender. We’ve been missing touring so much and can’t wait to continue performing live soon 🙂 

Q: What type of musician would you prefer to collaborate with?

Besides dance music we love R’n’B soul and pop. To collaborate with Beyoncé or Alicia Keys would be a dream come true. We’re big fans of Nile Rodgers so writing a song together with him would be great. Also to work together with Max Martin on a song… that is something we really want to do!

Q: If you could bring one artist back to life, who would it be? (Why that artist?)

There are so many great artists that unfortunately are not with us anymore so it’s hard to just pick one but we would say Luther Vandross. We love his soulful powerful voice and he was a great songwriter too which made him a legend. Such a great quality of everything he produced. 

Q: What will finally break the internet?

The moment when people are allowed to dance, celebrate and enjoy live entertainment again together after a long lockdown. That will be like a victory celebration for the whole world! 

Q: Which fictional character is the most interesting to you?

Spiderman. We love the vibe of New York City and we really like the story of Spiderman. Also to have the ability to jump and catch skyscrapers in the large metropolis that would be such a cool thing to do. 

Q: What's the most interesting thing you've read or seen this week?

The result from the Circus nightclub experiment, a 3,000 capacity trial to assess the safety of a return to mass entertainment within the UK. Great news is that holding mass events without masks and social distancing can be as safe as going to a restaurant or a shopping mall. 

Q: What's the first trip your going to take once the world reopens?

Ibiza, London and Los Angeles. 

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