10 Questions with DJ Guy Scheiman


10 Questions with DJ Guy Scheiman


Guy Scheiman

We sat down with Guy Scheiman for a chat on latest projects, the essentials to a solid track, and much more.

Guy Scheiman is a Denver-based DJ best known for his Billboard-charting remixes, including one for Lady Gaga’s “Applause” and a rework of “Wild Ones” featuring Sia. He is the owner of his own record label, “Guy Scheiman Music,” where he releases his club mixes and original work.

His latest release is single “One of Those Days” a collaboration with DJ Tommer Mizrahi.

Later this month he will be performing at Chicago’s Pride in the Park After Party, organized by CircuitMOM, a Chicago-based coordinator of experiential events catered to the LGBT+ community. The afterparty will take place in Joy District, one of the premier dance clubs in the city.

To learn more about Guy Scheiman, including which historical figure he’d like to be, check out our interview with the artist below: 

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you? (current or future projects)

I just moved to the States last February, so I’m excited to be back to work; more gigs are coming up in different cities, and of course, more hot releases by Guy Scheiman Music

Q: What is the one thing every track must have for it to be solid?

An excellent strong melody, what you call a hook either by the lead singer or the melodies you write in the production

Q: Let's create a new festival; What would you name it, Where would it be located, and Who would be the top 3 headliners?

I think any festival that integrates different types of musical genres will be unique; we need to level up with the ‘st8’ and be just as good (like we used to) for us all to have one big event, not a gay event or st8 event, not an EDM or Circuit event just one musical event with different genres for everyone. Regarding the names, there are so many goods out there like UNITE (SD), but something like that may be ‘Together,’ something that will create a feeling of one family.

Q: What is music going to sound like 20 years from now?

Music always moves in circles, Disco made a huge come back, now progressive and tech house are infiltrating the gay scene,  It’s really hard to tell what will come up next; my guess the classic circuit sound would be different cause the current generation of producers will just go away or be at the end of their careers 60’s and above.

Q: Why do we listen to music?

Music has a huge effect on everything that we do, physically speaking, it can sharpen our senses, calm us when we wanna relax/go to bed, energize us when we are at the gym, the unique and vast connection our auditory nerve has to every aspect of our body is amazing.

Q: If you could bring one artist back to life, who would it be? (Why that artist?)

Freddy Mercury, my the ultimate singer that ever lived; his music is eternal, and there’s no one like him in all aspects.

Q: What's your favorite smell?

I never thought about it, maybe roses, lol

Q: What can you talk about for hours?

The music scene, nightlife scene, my creative process and history.

Q: Which historical figure would you like to be?

Thomas Edison – invented so many things and progressed the world to a much better place

Q: Game of Thrones, South Park, Walking Dead, or Stranger Things?

Game of Thrones

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