10 Questions with Unstoppable jaakob


10 Questions with Unstoppable jaakob



jaakob joined us for a conversation about his most recent project, music, and what gives him the feeling of being unstoppable.

Given that our artist maintains a low-key persona even on his social media accounts, there is not much information about jaakob. However, we know he is from Sweden and currently resides in Los Angeles. As posted on jaakob’s Instagram account, DJ Morten thinks his melodies are out of this world. “There’s something about his melodies that is special, and people should check him out,” as the DJ puts it.

Recently, jaakob signed with Spinnin’ Records and released a track with them called “Palma.” He is committed to producing songs and staying consistent with having a smooth flow of music releases.

jaakob is competent in his music despite his modesty. When asked what makes him feel unstoppable, his brief response is, “my drive and passion for my music.” The artist also mentioned that music is everything for him; it’s what he does and listens to for 16 hours daily.

To learn more about jaakob, including which celebrities he would kiss, marry, and vote off an island, check out our interview with the artist below:

Q: Before we dig in, what’s next for you?

Hi guys. Well right now I’m really focused on making music and stay consistent so we can have a good flow of releasing music. I was recently signed with Spinnin and just released my track “Palma” with them.

Q: What does music mean to you?

Literally everything. Its what I do and listen to 16 hours a day

Q: Is there a song that makes you emotional?

Bromance – Avicii

Q: How important are lyrics?

I relate to lyrics and I tend to assist songwriters in their process

Q: Which musical era would you visit if you could travel back in time?

SHM releasing One

Hey, you might want to check this out


Q: Who was your role model while growing up?


Q: What makes you feel unstoppable?

My drive and passion for my music

Q: The pandemic has been bad for many people, but there is a silver lining in everything: How has the pandemic improved your life?

I must be honest and say that I dont see any postivity in Covid

Q: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

Lol what

Q: Finally, the most profound question: You’re stuck on an island with three celebrities (you get to pick them): Pick a person to kiss, marry and vote off the island.

kiss: Sydney Sweeney, marry: millie bobby brown; vote off: harvey Weinstein

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