10 Questions with “Wonderful days” producer Marco Dalla Villa


10 Questions with “Wonderful days” producer Marco Dalla Villa


Marco Dalla Villa

We had a chat with Marco Dalla Villa on latest projects, the reason we listen to music, and the essentials to a solid track. Marco Dalla Villa is an Italian-raised and London-based DJ and producer. He is best known for his remix of “La Francesita,” as well as his original track “Wonderful days.” 

The artist describes his own sound as experimental––a listen to his songs “Maps” or “Dancing on the Sun” back his claim, as they do not follow the traditional structure of a song and are instead free-flowing. His experimentation is founded upon expertise and experience, as Marco Dalla Villa began his musical journey from the young age of four. He has attended school in Milan for music theory and technology. 

His latest release is single “Baltasound.” The song was inspired by a village of the same name, which Marco discovered on Google Maps as a result of quarantine boredom. Marco continues to bless our ears with back-to-back releases in 2021, unsurprising considering that he is able to draw inspiration from the unlikeliest of places! 

To learn more about Marco Dalla Villa, including his prediction for what music is going to sound like in 20 years, check out our interview with the artist below: 

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you? (current or future projects)

I have 2 new releases in the next 2 months that I can’t wait to show everyone. They are songs I really like (of course, I made them) and I hope they will keep up the good pace I am having this year.

Q: What is the one thing every track must have for it to be solid?

A hook that is easy to remember and has the ability to make you sing in the shower. Everybody wants to sing together with the artist at a concert, or perform a solo under the shower, so you need to provide them with solid hooks to remember and sing in any occasion.

Q: Let's create a new festival; What would you name it, Where would it be located, and Who would be the top 3 headliners?

“Those were the days” with Aqua, Eiffel 65 and The Vengaboys. Every generation says that music was better before than now, but in my case it is objective 🙂 The only requirement to enter the Festival would be no phones – just dance and sing, no pictures or selfies or anything else.

Q: What is music going to sound like 20 years from now?

Very short songs (just one minute maximum) and almost only spoken word. The new generations don’t seem to care as much about harmonies or rhythm, they just listen to the music through social media, where they only get a 1 minute snippet of the song, maximum. So new songs will be focused only on a small part in which “listeners” can interact on social media and that’s it. Bye bye music as we knew it 🙂

Q: Why do we listen to music?

It’s like taking a picture of certain emotions in a specific time. Any time you listen to that song, the same emotion will show up and you will feel it again and again. Being able to share that same emotion with other people is the cherry on top.

Q: If you could bring one artist back to life, who would it be? (Why that artist?)

Avicii. I had the chance to listen to him live just once. I would love to do it at least 10 times!

Q: What's your favorite smell?

Nutella. When you have just opened a Nutella box, that smell is magic to me.

Q: What can you talk about for hours?

Sport, you choose a sport and I start talking. The less of an expert I am about the subject, the more I will talk.

Q: Which historical figure would you like to be?

I would like to be a Roman citizen. Not an emperor, just a normal citizen. Life would be so interesting and challenging…. And also it would give a sense to my years of studying latin at school!

Q: (Pick One) Game of Thrones, South Park, Walking Dead, or Stranger Things?

I haven’t watched a single episode of any of them. Sorry I am not into TV series as such, but I have watched every episode of “The Simpsons” at least 5 times!

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