2024 Grammy Nominations: Celebrating Dance/Electronic Innovation with Notable Inclusions and Omissions


2024 Grammy Nominations: Celebrating Dance/Electronic Innovation with Notable Inclusions and Omissions

The unveiling of the 2024 Grammy nominations for the dance/electronic category has once again placed luminaries such as Skrillex, Fred Again.., David Guetta, and James Blake at the forefront. The recognition of their outstanding contributions underscores the evolving landscape of electronic music. However, this year’s nominations also shed light on the need for continued improvement in representing diversity within the dance/electronic genre at the Grammy Awards.

Skrillex’s Double Nod:
Skrillex continues to be a dominant force in the dance/electronic scene, receiving two well-deserved nominations. His song “Rumble” and the album “Quest for Fire” showcase the artist’s versatility and influence in shaping the contemporary electronic music landscape. Skrillex’s persistent innovation has solidified his standing as a key figure in the genre.
Fred Again..’s Multifaceted Recognition:
Fred Again.. emerges as another standout nominee with multiple nods. His collaborative efforts on “Rumble,” his partnership with Romy on “Strong,” and the album “Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 23, 2022)” showcase the artist’s dynamic range and creative prowess. Fred Again..’s nominations underscore his ability to traverse various sonic landscapes within the dance/electronic spectrum.
James Blake’s Artistic Brilliance:
James Blake, recognized for best dance/electronic recording with “Loading” and best dance/electronic album with “Playing Robots Into Space,” demonstrates his continued commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Blake’s ability to infuse emotional depth into his electronic compositions has solidified him as a visionary within the genre.
New Category for Pop Dance Recording:
The 2024 Grammy nominations mark a significant moment for the dance/electronic genre, with the introduction of a new category: best pop dance recording. This acknowledgment reflects the genre’s increasing influence and crossover appeal. Notable artists like Aphex Twin, nominated for “Blackbox Life Record 21F,” have found a platform within this new category, showcasing the Grammys’ commitment to evolving with the musical landscape.

While the 2024 Grammy nominations celebrate innovation in the dance/electronic genre, there is a notable absence of solo female producers and artists of color among the nominees. This highlights an ongoing challenge within the industry to ensure diversity and inclusivity are reflected in major award ceremonies. As the dance/electronic landscape continues to diversify, the Grammys must strive for more representative nominations in future editions.

Nominees for Dance/Electronic Categories:
Best Dance/Electronic Recording:
  • “Rumble” – Skrillex
  • “Loading” – James Blake
  • “Blackbox Life Record 21F” – Aphex Twin

Best Dance/Electronic Album:

  • “Quest for Fire” – Skrillex
  • “Playing Robots Into Space” – James Blake
  • “Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 23, 2022)” – Fred Again..

Best Pop Dance Recording:

  • Aphex Twin, “Blackbox Life Record 21F”
  • James Blake, “Loading”
  • Disclosure, “Higher Than Ever Before”
  • Romy & Fred Again.., “Strong”
  • Skrillex, Fred Again.. & Flowdan “Rumble”

Best Dance/Electronic Album
  • James Blake, Playing Robots Into Space
  • Skrillex, Quest for Fire
  • Fred Again.., Actual Life 3 (January 1 – September 23, 2022)
  • Kx5, Kx5
  • The Chemical Brothers, For That Beautiful Feeling

Best Pop Dance Recording
  • Kylie Minogue, “Padam Padam”
  • Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding, “Miracle”
  • David Guetta, Anne-Marie & Coi Leray, “Baby Don’t Hurt Me”
  • Troye Sivan, “Rush”
  • Bebe Rexha & David Guetta, “One In a Million”

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