Garrix Drops Lawsuit

garrix-martin-rectIn the next installation to the “Ballad of Garrix and Spinnin'”, Martin, the upstart DJ, has let the public know that he has dropped his current lawsuit with Spinnin’ Records and affiliates, but that he’s open to the possibility of another one.

Garrix left his label Spinnin Records, which released the hit that launced his career, “Animals,” in August. The break-up hasn’t been the most amicable, but I’m not sure if everyone realized how ugly it actually was. The tight, resentful tone of both parties’ statements implied a semi-bitter seperation, but after Garrix’s latetst statement, one has to wonder if the whole thing has just gone sour. Edmsauce got a hold of Garrix’s statement, which reads:

Dear all,
I hereby inform you that I have withdrawn the summary proceedings against Spinnin Records (kort geding) of 3 December 2015.
As a result of further negotiations, Spinnin Records has transferred ownership rights of my music back to me, which was the main goal of the summary proceedings. I will grant Spinnin Records an exclusive license (for a limited period) for the tracks that were released by Spinnin Records until August 2015.
The remaining differences of opinion between parties will most probably be subject of further legal proceedings. In the meantime parties will keep trying to resolve this matter amicably.
Best regards,
Martijn Garritsen”

The snark in the last paragraph is palpable. The comment about “differences of opinions” possibly leading to more legal drama sounds like pure sass. Despite seemingly getting his way and regaining ownership of his music, the teenager couldn’t resist a sneer at the end. Garrix obviously sees no real reason to play nice, and can you blame him? It’s not as if he isn’t doing incredibly well for himself. He’s making music and branching into other genres and business ventures, like beginning his own label. It’ll be fun to see when a difference of opinion will lead to the next bomb drop during these proceedings

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