4B Talks predicting song hits, signing with Ultra Music.

New Jersey-based DJ and producer Bobby McKeon, otherwise known as 4B has spent almost a decade perfecting his bass driven sound. Known for his hard-hitting four-to-the-floor anthems, this 25-year old holds the distinction of having worked with like Diplo, and Tiesto to name just a few.

4B’s trademark single ‘Pop Dat’ has been called ‘the quintessential booty-dropping anthem,’ and has become a staple all over the world.

When putting together, 4B entrusts his instincts (and the crowd’s reaction) when predicting a music hit: “once I feel the reaction when I’m playing it out on the field, then I know it’s done… I send the ‘hit’ to a million people, but in the end, it definitely comes down to me. I’ve got to feel it when I play it“.

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