5 Questions With “East Coast G-House” SANiTY

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SANiTY joined us at the Sonarworks pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami. He talks about his latest masterpiece and takes part in our Take 5 series.

Demitri Anastasio Kesoglides, better known by his stage moniker SANiTY (or DJ SANiTY), is an American DJ, producer, and composer who has been in the music industry for more than a decade. The Queens native grew up in New York City, where he had a culturally diverse childhood that influenced his preferences.

Demitri enjoyed art but struggled to make it a career because he lacked natural artistic ability. However, Demitri’s passion for being on top of the charts and discovering new artists, sounds, and trends led him to pursue DJing as a side venture. After a few years of stability, he left everything behind and followed his new dream of becoming a full-time musician, bringing with him his industry knowledge. Music was always a common theme throughout his journey. “Music is my sanity. Music keeps me sane throughout the chaos,” and that’s how SANiTY was born.

SANiTY is currently working with a collective of producers and rap artists to curate what he calls ‘East Coast G-House’ — a fusion of house music and East Coast hip-hop alongside elements of graffiti art and dance. He also has a streetwear brand launching soon called ‘all sanity is lost’.
As we moved towards our Take 5 series, we got more comfortable with the authenticity the DJ was showing. When asked what one thing everyone should experience at least once in their lives, he answered,

"Finding love. Sounds deep, right? And love doesn't have to be a romantic partner, like your best friend that you always know where you stand with each other. There's a sense of energy where you can always count on them, and the relationship is reciprocal."

To know more about SANiTY, including his love of rose gold and choice of whether he would rather have a third arm or a third eye, listen to our full interview below:

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