5 Questions With “Get To You” DJ/Producer Maesic

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Before jumping into Miami Music Week 2022, Maesic joined us at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Miami. He talks about his latest project and takes part in our Take 5 series.

Maesic is a producer and DJ who is passionate about the musical cosmos. He is originally from London but grew up in France. He finds inspiration in this cultural mix, resulting in a combination of numerous genres and styles. He began producing in 2012 when he was 12 years old, then rose to prominence early on by releasing unofficial remixes of artists ranging from The Chainsmokers to Calvin Harris, via Sia and Krewella, on Soundcloud and YouTube. Maesic gathered a fanbase due to this initial exhibition, attracting the attention of the American label Interscope, who asked him to remix Maroon5 (feat. Future) for the first time in 2017. Since then, he’s remixed artists like Maroon5, FEDER, and INNA, amassing millions of Soundcloud plays.
The most recent project Maesic worked on was a song titled “Get To You” with Ambrxse. “I’m in Miami, and I’ve got my new single called Get to You, coming out April 1st. So it’s coming out with like a big universal in France. So yeah, it’s going to be like a big release. We just showed the music video in Miami two days ago. It was like really, really cool.”
Albert Ambrose, popularly called Ambrxse, has collaborated with well-known artists such as Jimmy Duval (producer of XXXtentacion’s Look at Me) and Danny Boy Styles (executive producer of the Weeknd’s Kiss Land album). The two musicians have a combined Instagram following of over 180,000 people, yet their style is unique, with a clear mellow vocal on a pop rhythmic with a Caribbean vibe on the keyboard. “Get To You” seems to hold up the prospect of bringing us all back together.
Future-pop is how MAESIC describes their music. MAESIC has established its style with powerful compositions that deploy a vast palette of emotions, where texture and melody are two crucial criteria beyond electro arrangements between pop and future bass. The Miami-based duo delivers a dance-chill, tropical house love ballad that might easily cross over into summer pop territory. On April 1st, 2022, ‘Get To You’ was out.
Moving on to our Take 5 series, Maesic becomes quite insightful. When asked what the world would look like if his clones ruled, he answered,

"It would be a happy world with a good vibe. But, on the other hand, it would be a boring world because everybody looks the same. I mean, we need different people."

To learn more about Maesic, including his favorite movie scene, listen to our full interview below:

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