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Tommy Capretto: I follow What Moves Me.


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Tommy Capretto: I follow What Moves Me. 3
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Tommy Capretto: I follow What Moves Me. 4

Philadelphia based producer and DJ Tommy Capretto kicked off 2019 with two buzz of the year: Fletcher’s “Undrunk” and ’s “Alone.”   Speaking of “Undrunk,” he tells us that he “played the remix at the Abbey in West and people were storming the dancefloor.”  

The “Alone” remix challenged his creativity.  “I want to take credit for being a great musician but actually it was kind of a random thing.”  When he remixes, he finds a tone in the vocal and uses that one section. “I use MIDI notes to create a pattern. It was random and it just sounded amazing.”

Also amazing were the two records that he dropped during Winter Music Conference, “You Can’t See” on Rippin records and “Trapped in a Baseline” with Richard Fraioli.  “Even as a tech house producer, I’m starting to branch out a bit more and not follow the styles and genres. I’m trying to follow what moves me.”

This is Take5 with Tommy Capretto!

Take a Listen.

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