A Conversation with the Remarkable Salt Ashes


A Conversation with the Remarkable Salt Ashes

Veiga Sanchez–who goes by the stage name Salt Ashes–sat down to talk with us from theRoof at theWit, Chicago, at the Nexus Lounge Virtual to discuss her upcoming projects and her previous works, as well as give us her thoughts on one of the most crucial issues in recent headlines.

An electronic/dance artist, Salt Ashes is famous for such tracks as “If You Let Me Go” and “Save It.” She has collaborated with Kristian Nairn and CRUELS and is known for her dark take on synth-pop and disco sounds.
Sanchez began by talking a little about her experiences doing virtual events. The pandemic has changed things for just about everybody, and that’s no different in the music industry. Without live concerts, many musicians have turned to digital platforms in the hopes of finding new ways to put on a show, and Salt Ashes are just one of many artists with a first-hand perspective on this.
Some might worry that a virtual event wouldn’t be worth attending, but according to Sanchez, people have seen an accurate value in them. “I think that moving forward,” she says, “that’s going to happen a lot more.”
Salt Ashes
Only time will tell if there’s any space for virtual events in a post-pandemic world, but, for the time being, virtual concerts and virtual events in general look set to remain a fact of life.
When asked about what makes a good song, she stressed the need for a good voice, catchy melodies, and relatable lyrics. Lyrics don’t have to be complicated, mind you. According to Sanchez, you can “get away with some straightforward lyrics if the production and the melody are really on point.”
That’s not to say she’s unwilling to tackle the complex subject matter. Her next single, a track called ‘Lucy,’ will tackle some pretty dark themes, such as sexual harassment and sexual assault. But, when talking about it, she stresses the need to have a conversation:

“I’m excited to get this one out into the world to talk about it. I think it’s a subject we need to talk about more… Change starts with a conversation, and that’s why I think we should talk about it, and this next single addresses all of that.”

She discussed her feelings on the #MeToo movement, its influence in the UK, the recent case of Sarah Everard, and how this is all part of a broader conversation about objectification and the commodification of women.
Sanchez’s career has been on the up and up for the past few years, and, with a second album on the way, she reflects on what she might’ve done differently. As well as writing more songs, Sanchez talks about how she’s learned to focus on her mental health and come to terms with how important that can be on a day-to-day basis.
Salt Ashes is a rising star in the music industry, but she’s also got a lot of insights worth sharing. If you’re interested in hearing more from her or learning more about her career, then be sure to check out the full interview.

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