A Dynamic Duo in Life and Music: OneUp


A Dynamic Duo in Life and Music: OneUp



Best known for 2018 single “Let Me Come Home,” an original holiday song, OneUp is a pop/soul musical duo. Many may recognize them from their Season 15 appearance on NBC’s The Voice, where they made history as the show’s first ever same-sex duo.

Comprised of Adam and Jerome Bell-Bastien, OneUp is a married couple who share some extraordinary date nights––between headlining Pride and singing the National Anthem for the NY Yankees. In fact, according to the artists, the first time they ever sang together was on national television!

While the couple is used to the national stage, quarantine has not stopped them from staying in touch with fans: the couple has been sharing short clips of themselves dancing and spreading positive messages on their social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. A video of them dancing and painting to Bobby McFerrin’s “Don’t Worry Be Happy” has gone viral as viewers resonated with the much needed message.

To learn more about OneUp, including their artistic goals this year, read our interview with them below:

Q: Before we dig in, tell us about your latest project

Our latest project is our single “TRN IT UP” which we co-wrote with our talented friends who are also a duo named Break Out The Crazy. We are so stoked to release this because we feel like we have finally found our sound TOGETHER.

Q: What’s the weirdest food you’ve ever eaten or cooked?

Adam: Rocky Mountain Oyster(bull testicle)!!!

Jerome: I have been particular about food since I was a child, so I guess it would be crawfish lol!

Q: What is the first album you ever owned?

A: Huey Lewis and the News – Sports

J: Michael Jackson – THRILLER

Q: How do you know when you’ve found a perfect beat?

A perfect best is when you find your body moving without KNOWING that your body is moving.

Q; What Is Something You Like To Do That Other People Would Probably Consider “Weird” If They Knew

A: I talk to the trees in our yard.

J: I LOVE eating pickles for breakfast. Sorry, not sorry

OneUp 2 2

Q: If you could bring one artist back to life, who would it be?

A: Michael Jackson

J: Michael Jackson

Q: If aliens landed on earth tomorrow and offered to take you home with them, would you go?

Both: ROUND TRIP ticket? Then hell yeah!  

Q: When did you screw everything up, but no one ever found out it was you?

A: One time I accidentally sank my friends’ house boat… no wait, that was from that movie Drop Dead Fred…

J: I’ll never telllllllllllllll… No, I was always caught when I tried anything shady lol!

Q: What’s The Number One Item You Would Save From Your Burning House?

A: Super Nintendo 

J: Our new cat Felix. I was never a cat person, and I’m still not a cat person but this cat has won my heart. This is only if Adam is already out of the house though! Hubby comes first!

Q: What Goals Do You Have For The Next Year?

A: To reach new heights in freedom of expression through our art

J: To stay on the path of discovery and expression! We have been so fortunate to this point so I just want us to continue riding this vibe wave!

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