A Look at Our Top 5 Tracks of 2020


A Look at Our Top 5 Tracks of 2020

Top 5 Tracks of 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind, to say the least. As the COVID-19 pandemic has touched every corner of everyday life, and as racial uprisings have pointed our collective consciousness towards a (hopefully) more just future, this year has been nothing if not challenging. In tandem with the great struggles that this year has brought for many people across the world, it has also brought us some great albums and songs. For many of us, in an unprecedented year, music has been our saving grace.

As we take a look back at this year, let’s talk about our Top 5 tracks, and what they’ve brought to our air waves.   To find out our final Top 100 tune in New Years Eve at 12noon central for our Top 100 Countdown.  Here’s the Top 5, in no particular order.  

Becky Hill - Better off Without You feat. Shift K3Y

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“Better off Without You” is a single by English singer/songwriter Becky Hill featuring British DJ and record producer Shift K3Y. Released in January of 2020, “Better off Without You” peaked at number fourteen on the UK Singles Chart. When asked about the song, Becky has called it, “the perfect breakup song.” The song’s up-tempo beat and moody lyrics make it the perfect dance-your-troubles-away anthem for 2020.

Jax Jones & Ella Henderson – This is Real

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“This is Real” by British DJ Jax Jones and the singer/songwriter Ella Henderson, was actually released on October 21st of 2019, but it captured our ears and stayed on our minds for most of this year. The second single off of Jones’ debut studio album Snack (Supersize), “This is Real” peaked at number nine on the UK Singles Chart. “This is Real” has been celebrated by critics along with Jones’ other single “Jacques.”

Luca Debonaire – I found You (Dark Intensity Radio Edit)

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“I found you” by Luca Debonaire features the artist’s signature future disco sound. A self-proclaimed vinyl junkie, Luca’s music blends old-school sounds and futuristic dance beats to create a sound that is unique to him. Luca is said to have one of the largest collections of Italo and disco tracks, which he uses as a base for his current productions. The song’s haunting vocals make it a perfect fit for those who want to lose themselves in music while dancing to a catchy beat.

Lastlings – No Time (Original Mix)

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“No Time” by Electronica duo Lastlings originally premiered on June 26th. The single was accompanied by an animated music video directed by Joel Durand, who references Satoshi Kon’s 1997 film Perfect Blue throughout the production. Lastlings, also known as siblings Amy and Josh Dowdle, have stated that the video reiterates the song’s thematic structure. The song itself is said to be about, “releasing yourself from negative thoughts, and growing up from our disappointments and failures,” and living life to its fullest potential. Although we are featuring the original mix here, the single’s remix by Rüfüs Du Sol is also worth a listen.

Meduza – Born to Love feat. SHELLS

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“Born to Love” by the Italian production trio, Meduza, peaked at number seven on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs Chart. “Born to Love” is one of four singles Meduza has released since 2019, one of which (“Piece of Your Heart”) has been nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording. The trio’s collaboration with London vocalist SHELLS features their signature rumbling bassline and atmospheric chords. SHELLS’ soft vocals help offset the edgier elements of the track and make for an ethereal-sounding journey that takes the listener on a tour of Meduza’s inner workings.

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