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The Pre-EDM Legend Chicane : ADE16

Pre- legend or Nick Bracegirdle confessed that his real name led to a difficult time in school. ” I had a very entertaining time in school, you can imagine what things I got called ‘ girtle,’ oh man, it was diabolical.” He would have rather been named simple like Nick Jordan or Nick Fish. What could have been if Nick only had his way, but that could’ve also led to never calling himself Chicane. And we can’t imagine a world without Chicane.

Proving there is no sanity to be had during an with Chicane, he jokingly asked his fans to buy more of his so that he could “buy more ties for his Ferrari.” “What is Sanity?” he asked rhetorically, but his schedule really is insane; he was flying to and Finland after having traveled to Brazil, , and . He will make you question everything, except for his talent for making music. He is truly a musical genius and a master of messaging. Just look at his below.

Chicane reached worldwide success with the global hit “Don’t Give Up” featuring Bryan Adams in the year 2000, before the era of mainstream EDM.

Listen to the hilarious interview below:

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