Adam K on avoiding the studio ‘Dungeon Vibes’

Toronto-based DJ-producer Adam K and singer-songwriter Veronica joined us at the BPM Supreme-Nexus Radio Lounge Miami during Miami Music Week just 20 minutes after landing at Miami Airport, to chat with us about their newest collaboration called “Shadows,” and Adam K’s latest smash “Need To Feel Loved.”

Adam Turner: You’ve got a new single out, right?

Adam K: We have a single out and we have a new single coming out on May the 10th (on Source), It’s called Shadows and it’s an awesome song that Veronica and I wrote together. I also have a single out now on the radio called Need To Feel Loved which is getting its rounds on the radio

The Essentials.

Adam Turner: Okay, let’s get into five quick questions for you both. Veronica, when you go sing at a show and Adam, when you go DJ a show respectively, what are the five essential things that you bring in your bags?

Adam K: Earplugs.

Veronica: Yeah, earplugs for sure.

Adam K: Laptop …hand sanitizer.

Adam Turner: I have been waiting for someone to say hand sanitizer! I carry hand sanitizer everywhere I go, it’s just me being OCD.

Veronica: I think I have the opposite of that, I’ll have like a Tequila shot with me [laughs].

Adam K: Polaroid camera.

Veronica: Maybe like a little bit of weed or something. I don’t know.

Adam K: I was just about to say that! A little bit of chronic.

Adam Turner: If you guys had a time machine, which decade would you guys go back to?

Adam K: Sixties.

Veronica: Maybe like the roaring twenties.

Adam Turner: What career path do you think you both would have gone down if you didn’t end up in music?

Veronica: Nothing. I wouldn’t be doing anything else.

Adam K: I would have been a fishing tour guide. I love fishing. I love animals and everything like that, but I like fishing … or a pastry chef.

Veronica: So random, so random, I like it.

Adam Turner: And Veronica, anything for you?

Veronica: I’d probably still be doing something music related.

MMW 2019 149 2

Upcoming tour and music.

Adam Turner: So you guys have got a new single coming out soon. What are your plans for 2019? Are you going on the road? Are you traveling? Are you back in the studio? What’s going on?

Adam K: I’m setting up a tour starting across Canada and then we’ll extend it into the United States. It’s been about four years since I’ve been on tour, so I feel like it’s a bit of my coming out party. And, I would love to bring Veronica and Mckayla- some of the singers that I work with on the road with me.

Adam Turner: Where do you see your music going? Like, what kind of sound are you putting out now?

Adam K: I’ve never restricted myself to a genre or a sub-genre. For me, as long as the melody and the music work together, that’s the most important thing. I just kind of let the music [go] where it wants to go. I don’t ever plan it out.

Adam Turner: Veronica plans for this year? 2019

Veronica: Well, touring with Adam K would be cool …just working on more music, working on my solo stuff. I’ve been doing a lot of song features with awesome people like Adam K and…

Adam K: Dzeko! she’s got a huge song out with Dzeko called Heaven. Dope, dope, dope!

Veronica: Thanks for pumping me up! You’re the best! So yeah, just working. I love writing, I love just being in the studio. It’s kind of a happy place. So, working, writing, touring, etc.

Adam K: It’s a bit of a love-hate kind of thing being in the studio because we love to be in the studio, but we also love to say ‘I need to get out of the studio.’

Veronica: Yeah, you complain about it when you’re in there, but then when you’re in it and you’re like ‘ah! making music is so good!’

Adam Turner: I don’t know about you guys, but for me as a producer, as a creator, as you both are- spending time out of the studio, is just as important as the time you spend in the studio. Would you guys agree?

Adam K: Frequent breaks.

Adam Turner: Yeah, exactly because you come back with so many ideas. If I sit in an underground studio, my studio in London is an underground studio with no windows, nothing, and I sit there and I literally just become devoid of any creativity. So, I need to get out there and see people, meet people, travel the world to come back and have all of these ideas to put down. I think it’s a good thing to want to be in there, but want to get out as well.

Listen to the full audio interview with Adam K below!

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