The US Olympic figure skater, Adam Rippon, also known as one of the first American openly gay athletes at the Winter Olympics, just won the Bronze Medal. He also let us in on a secret: he’s a huge EDM fan! Apparently, his pump up music is Martin Garrix.

Chang W. Lee/The New York Times/Redux

In an interview with Billboard, Rippon stated that Martin Garrix was his favorite pump-up music when he’s about to get on the ice: “I usually try to put on Martin Garrix or deadmau5 radio before I go out there… something upbeat that gets the blood flowing and is also sort of relaxing in a weird way. When you have that beat behind you and you’re trying to get into the zone… I love that kind of music.”

Rippon also said that he shares his taste with friend and fellow skater Ashley Wagner: “We have very similar tastes. It’s fun. In the car yesterday we were together and she was listening to some really heavy EDM music and I was like, ‘Wow, this is really heavy!’ She said, ‘I consider this really relaxing.'”

Rippon is known for skating to pop music, now that the rules have changed to allow skaters to use music with vocals. The 2017-2018 season saw him skating to Sia’s “Diamonds,” Coldplay’s “O (Fly On),” and Ida Corr and Fedde le Grand’s “Let Me Think About It.” He’s also gone the vintage route in past years, using Queen, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin as a backdrop to his spectacular athletic feats.

So next time you’re queuing up Martin Garrix, remember that you’re in the company of an Olympian!