Interviewing LNY TNZ: A Band With A Unique Sound

LNY TNZ joined us at the K-Swiss pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam. LNY TNZ is a new group in the Dutch music scene due to them combining various music genres together, creating a new sound entirely unique to them. 

LNY TNZ is currently working on a new single that will be out before too long as a new label for the group. They already have a lot of merchandise for their different labels, but they hope to expand with the new label that will come with their latest songs. 

Before getting into the primary interview, LNY TNZ helped sum up the life of a rock star perfectly with this quote: “That’s sort of the life of a rock star, you know, um, anything you’re, you’re doing that you’re looking forward to here.“

If they were to get an LNY TNZ shoe design, it would be crazy in the color scheme. There is no point in going with typical shoe colors when you can put all the colors onto the shoes. The shoes have to be different from the rest of the shoes that exist. Hence why they would be crazy shoes; they are crazy different. 

They are inspired in the studio by different music genres that they go out and hear, which helps them make their unique sound that comes from the combination of different music genres. The most recent inspiration that they got was from reggae music, after listening to a reggae concert that they had recently attended. 

One of the biggest things that scare LNY TNZ is his lifestyle. Always flying, continually interacting with people, and living off of fast food does not do much for his health, and it can be hard to keep up with good healthy lifestyles. He admits that he needs to take better care of himself, but it can be hard to do so with the busy lifestyle that he lives. 

LNY TNZ is not much of a drinker, though he does drink with friends at times and when he is out with them trying to have a good time. Overall though, he does not drink, and thus he does not suffer from hangovers. There is no need to get over hangovers when you do not drink enough to get a hangover. 

If LNY TNZ were stuck in the Amazon rainforest for a year, they would want to bring Scrillex along with them as their DJ. They are a fan of Scrillex’s music, and along with a few other DJs, they would have the perfect music group to hang out with as they are stuck in the Amazon rainforest. 

If you would like to learn more about LNY TNZ or want to hear the rest of the interview, check it out here! 

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