ADE 2023 Gets a Splash of Green with Valmar’s Iconic Lizard Party

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We had a blast hanging out with the Italian DJ and producer, VALMAR, when he dropped by the KEF pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. Thanks to a language translator, we delved into VALMAR’s latest musical adventure. We even spiced things up with a Nexus Radio’s Take 5 Series round!

Valter Marchetti, also known as Valmar, began his DJ journey in the cozy confines of small city clubs in Rome. As he transitioned to larger venues, his curiosity blossomed into a fascination with producing original music. Despite not having a musical upbringing, Valmar’s enduring love for electronic beats fueled his aspirations as a DJ and a producer.

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Valmar has carved out a niche with his distinctive sound, attracting a devoted fan base with his sultry and energetic style. His debut track, “Psychodrama,” dropped on Black Lizard Records, swiftly making waves on various streaming platforms. The song even secured a spot on the renowned Spotify playlist “Fresh Finds Dance.” Following this success, Valmar continued to impress with his second release, “La La Song,” on Swutch Music, further highlighting his undeniable talent.

Recently, Valmar unveiled “Erotica” with English singer Sam Stray Wood. This sonic venture defies the norm, igniting the soul with captivating sound and bold, nontraditional lyrics skillfully delivered by Sam. The provocative and daring track has soared to the impressive position of No. 69 on Beatport’s Hype Tech House Chart—landing in a spot that couldn’t be more fitting!

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A familiar face at the Amsterdam Dance Event, Valmar shares that he’s already graced several parties at this iconic event. Beyond his role as a producer, Valmar is the mastermind behind The Lizard Party, a sought-after event held in diverse locations. Renowned for spotlighting the crème de la crème of electronic music, The Lizard Party undoubtedly injected a fantastic burst of vibrancy into the Amsterdam Dance Event 2023, painting the town green in the best possible way!

Diving into a speedy round of Nexus Radio’s Take 5 Series, VALMAR spills the beans that the track responsible for stealing his heart and sparking his love affair with music is none other than Frankie Knuckles’ timeless classic, “Your Love.”

To learn more about Valmar, including his most memorable moments during his live performances, listen to our full interview below!

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