ADE First Timer NoVone on His Music: “Lots of Bass and Good Energy”

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Amsterdam Dance Event first-timer NoVone joined us at the Bowers and Wilkins pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He took part in our Take-5 series, chatted about his exciting upcoming projects, and discussed the effect of music on the mood and mind.
Based in Gothenburg, NoVone (aka Olle Neldemo) is a Swedish artist creating progressive house and electro-house music with the occasional future rave touch. Having begun his journey as a producer and DJ at 15, NoVone started working professionally in 2019, premiering his debut single “Olympia” in 2020 with support from Dutch house legend Sander Van Doorn.
Since then, the artist has continuously dropped fire track after fire track, including “Exit,” “Burn It,” “I Got Some,” and most recently, “DATA.” When asked what he hopes his fans and audience will hear when listening to one of his new tracks, NoVone tells us: “Definitely the energy. Lots of bass and good energy.”
Good energy and a heavy bass line are hallmarks of this artist’s most recent releases. “DATA,” NoVone’s latest single, is bombastic and uplifting, compelling listeners to jump up and dance; his previous release, “Feelings,” is similarly ecstatic, featuring a soaring earworm of a chorus and a heart-shaking bass drop that explodes with energy.

Visiting Amsterdam for the first time, NoVone tells us that he’s most excited about hitting up some of the amazing ADE parties happening throughout the week. Following our interview, the producer plays his first set at the festival’s Head Studios Party, previewing a yet-unreleased project to favorable reviews

There’s no mistaking the reverence and respect NoVone has for his contemporary industry peers and for the broader musical landscape as a whole; when asked who he would choose to spend a night as, he picks Alexisphere DJ, another guest artist at the conference. And despite confessing that he’d choose “Bad mood in the morning” as his warning label, NoVone tells us that he really believes in music’s power to change the mood “in every single way.”
Laidback and uncomplicated, NoVone shares he’d choose hamburgers and cheeseburgers as his go-to food if he had to eat the same thing every day. During our Take-5 series, the DJ admits to being part of the Limewire generation and tells us that his first downloaded MP3 was probably “something from Akon.” Not a surprising choice for an artist with such a wide range of influences, evident throughout his many releases.
To learn more about NoVone, his exciting new music, and his experience attending the Amsterdam Dance Event for the first time, check out our full-length interview with him below.

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