A Chat With Inventive and Original Songwriter and Producer AFSHeeN

The songwriter and producer AFSHeeN stopped by our BPM Supreme pop-up studio at our Amsterdam studio. He told us about his time at ADE, his latest work, and took part in our Take-5 Series

AFSHeeN is a producer and songwriter from LA. He became known in the industry for working with some of the world’s most famous artists. His collaborations included Madonna and Take That. AFSHeeN also made remixes for Janet Jackson and many others. In 2016, AFSHeen decided to strike his own path and produce music independently. His first solo track ‘Let Me Down Slow’ in 2016, and his first solo album Happy Tunes brought him instant acclaim from critics and fans alike. 

Would be droopy, goofy like that, had really big ears as a kid. ‘I am droopy in a way. I like to have fun and not take things seriously. I like everything to happen organically. Just go with the flow’.

ADE19 was AFSHeeN’s first year at the festival and he was absolutely loving his time there. He had come off of a long year preparing tracks for his album Storyline of a Heartbreak. At ADE19 he had just released two tracks and was working out how to piece together the story of the album.

Although AFSHeeN has been striking his own path, he still likes to keep up his collaborative mindset. At ADE19, he told us about his work on the soundtrack of the 2019 Charlie’s Angels movie. The track that the songwriter worked on strays from his usual style a little with AFSHeeN working with a Latin rapper for the first time. 

The other track that AFSHeeN had been working on for the movie industry was in more known territory for the songwriter. He collaborated with Kygo and Rita Ora on the track ‘Carry On’ for the Picachu movie. 

The last thing that AFSHeeN left us with was his advice for new talent in the music industry. He told us that when he was first starting, he always wanted to make all his music himself. But eventually, he learnt that it is hard to come up with new ideas without working with and taking inspiration from others. He suggested going to the kind of music blogs and YouTube videos that nobody else goes to, to take inspiration from new sources. 

AFSHeeN continues to stun the music and film industries with his inventive work. He continues to collaborate with other artists so be sure to keep an eye out for his latest tracks and remixes. If you want to hear more from the songwriter and find out what role he would play in a circus, check out our full interview with him on the NEXUS radio website.

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