Anabel Englund Hated High School, But Who Didn’t

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American singer-songwriter Anabel Englund stopped by the K-Swiss pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to talk furry pink leopard shoes, fear, and Law and Order, SVU.

The singer, better known for her work with producer Marc Kinchen, began her career as a Christian youth group performer, before collaborating with electronic outfit Hot Natured on their 2013 album, Different Sides of the Sun. Her pop-rock style and extensive discography have made her a household name in the house music community.

Englund sat down with Host Adam Turner, who asked her about her songwriting process.

“I like to just kinda start with the track and a few chords and then just kind of tune into what needs to come out of me that day, and then I just go from there,”

Turner also delved deeper into Englund’s past by inquiring about her pre-music high school years.

“I hated high school,” Englund laughed. “We don’t know what’s going on. We’re having this puberty, like what’s going on? What do I wear? How do I fit in, but how do I stand out? There are so many questions. I was pretty crazy. I would throw parties all the time. I was a bad girl.”

Englund closed out the interview by telling Turner the best life advice she’d ever received.

“I think a lot of the times we try to control things. We human beings don’t enjoy being out of control. So the only thing we can really control is ourselves, but for some reason, we think that if we act a certain way or if we say certain things that we can change people, places, and things around us. I think the best advice that I’ve learned is just to trust whatever’s happening and that all you can do is take care of you. You’ve got to trust where you’re at in life. Literally, all we can do is our best every moment.”

To learn more about Anabel Englund’s guilty pleasures and biggest fears, listen to the complete interview below.

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