Bakermat’s Deepest Fears

DJ and producer Bakermat stopped by the K-Swiss pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge to talk about his latest projects, his experience, and to take the Nexus Series.

Bakermat started his career while studying psychology at Utrecht University and moonlighting as a DJ in his spare time. He released his first singles in 2012 and became an instant hit in the club scene. Bakermat’s music has a distinct style, with a mix of electronic, deep and tropical house, and techno, that is produced with an eye towards minimalism, and features jazz and soul influences.

While he was in the K-Swiss pop-up studio, Bakermat talked to us about his new releases, and about his summer DJing all over the world.  

On the question of how he handles jet lag, he said:

“Oh um, I don’t handle it very well. I hate it. I take some sleeping pills sometimes just to force myself to sleep.”

When asked what scares him, Bakermat told us:

“What scares me? What scares me is snakes, spiders, all that kind of stuff. It scares me to death. I hate every kind of buggy kind of insect. Oh man.”


When asked who he’d take with him if he were stranded in the Amazon Rainforest for a year, he told us:

“Oh that’s a good question. Man, probably Sam Feldt, ‘cuz he’s a really good dude. We always hang out. We just hung out in Brazil and we always have fun. Anyone in the world, even people that I don’t know? Well, I’m gonna take the guys then. Dude, I want to meet them. They’re interesting enough I [think it’d be fun], and [if I hate them] I’ll just kill them, haha, I’m in the rainforest, I don’t care. So I got a really good buddy of mine, I’ve got an interesting duo, now I gotta go for a joker. Um, I would take Dylan Francis because he’s really funny.”

Check out the here, and find out what Bakermat was like in high school, what his signature K-Swiss shoe would look like, and what’s coming next for him!

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