Take 5 with DJ Bingo Players

Bingo Players stopped by the Moooi pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam for a chat about his latest projects and ADE, and to take part in our Take-5 series.

Survived by Dutch DJ Maarten Hoogstraten, Bingo Players was originally a dance and electro house duo. After the death of member Paul Bäumer in 2013, Hoogstraten continued on the Bingo Players stage name and has been releasing electro house music as a solo artist. Bingo Players made their entry into DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs in 2012, ranking at number 66. 

We had the honor of being the first and only interview Bingo Players sat down for in ADE, the artist notes that ADE is just a bit too hectic for him. He sat down with us before hosting his own night at the festival. Many seasoned festival goers and lovers of dance music can relate to his plans, “After one day, I’m going back home. Because three days, I did it in the past. It’s so hectic for me. Do everything in one night, and then I’m good.”

Bingo Players

Bingo Players shared his guilty pleasure TV show: High School Girls, an anime series. For listeners looking to brush up on their Japanese, this unexpected answer might be worth the watch. This is not the only point in the conversation with the Dutch DJ that goes global, when asked what a penguin wearing a sombrero would say if it walked through the door, the DJ said between laughs, “If he wears a sombrero, I’m guessing he’s Mexican… ‘Hola’?”

He was definitely in the ADE spirit: when asked what his best cure for a hangover is, he expertly advices, “Honestly? Just drink another one. That really helps!”

The conversation momentarily takes a turn to a more serious tone. Choosing between superpowers, he immediately picks the ability to control people over reading their thoughts. “I don’t want to hear anyone’s thoughts. I think it would really damage me emotionally.”

The DJ sticks close to his Dutch roots as he remembers Hyves fondly. Hyves was a social media platform in the Netherlands with a predominantly Dutch userbase. The Bingo Players actually shared one of their first songs on Hyves, a snippet of “Chop” that would be released in its entirety in 2008. Hyves was discontinued in 2013 due to the growing popular of Facebook and Twitter in the European country.

To learn more about Bingo Players, including which unconventional artist he’d like to collaborate with, listen to our interview with him below:

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