5 Questions with Blasterjaxx

We sat down with one half of Blasterjaxx for a chat during the Moooi pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. He talks of his ADE experience, latest projects, and takes part in our Take 5 series.

Blasterjaxx is a Dutch DJ duo best known for single “Narco.” They have been active since 2010, releasing music in big room house and electro house.

This ADE is especially memorable for the duo as it is the very first time they have their own pop-up store, selling new merchandise and physical copies of their latest album “Perspective.”

When asked which unconventional artist they’d like to collaborate with, the member dotes on German composer Hans Zimmer. “That would be sick, man. That man, he’s a maniac. Like what he can do, how he thinks about music, for every movie he’s making scores, he’s trying to find a new way or a new instrument to work with.”

It’s clear he loves out-of-the-box thinking, both from unconventional artists and for himself. When asked which Disney soundtrack he’d remake between Little Mermaid, Snow White, and Beauty and the Beast, the DJ chooses Tarzan.

Despite a busy ADE schedule, the artist keeps his wits about him. He was faced with this prompt: A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero––what does he say and why is he here? Blasterjaxx humorously responds with, “He’s definitely not here for the climate change. I don’t know, he’s probably a fan of electronic music.” Aren’t we all?

His humor is both witty and mischievous. When asked which superpower he would choose between being able to hear everyone’s thoughts or control anyone, he immediately answers, “Definitely the second one,” and belches out a Disney-villain-worthy maniacal laugh. He justifies his answer, however, with “I like being in control. As a person, it’s very difficult for me to give away control of anything. I like to be on top of everything.”

To hear Blasterjaxx’s villain laugh for yourself, or to learn more about the personalities behind the DJ duo, listen to our interview with a member below:

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