ADE19: Breathe Carolina Goes Frozen

One half of the Denver-based electronic music duo Breathe Carolina, Tommy joined us at the BPM Supreme at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam during ADE to talk about their latest projects.
For over 10 years the duo has been making albums at the intersection of electronic music and rock. And in 2019, with their new project “Dead: The Album” they’re bringing EDM, pop, and R&B sounds to a new label and a growing audience.

While promoting their new album, Tommy described the process of giving their new album, and their new sound, a name:

“So we wanted to just call it dead and then the artwork was dead: the album. Right? And then iTunes was like, ‘you can't call it something that the artwork isn't,’ like you can't, the artwork can't be something else. That's the title. And then we were like actually, “Dead: The Album is kinda just tight, so we're just gonna go run with that, instead of changing it to just dead on the artwork. So thanks iTunes!

In the studio, Tommy had us on the edge of our seats with his responses to our hilarious Take5 questions, and his answers didn’t disappoint. In addition to his love of Kristen Bell, Tommy talks the weirdest things his dogs have done, and his ideal Disney film score collab.

Breathe Carolina

In answer to the question, “What song would you pick to be on the album of your favorite Disney movie?” Tommy said:

“I mean let's go with Frozen, cuz it's just the biggest. Yeah. And Kristen Bell is in it and I love Dax Shepard's podcast so I'm going to go with Kristen Bell! I've just started Veronica Mars…. Yeah, I'm going to go with Kristen bell, Frozen, and the lead single on the album, ‘Too Good’ cause it's like the happiest one. The rest are a little darker, but that one I feel like would work well there.”

On his ideal superpower, Tommy says,

“I wish I could talk to my dogs. I do wish that….Sid is my new little puppy and Savage is my four-year-old.”

Honestly, who doesn’t wish they could talk to dogs?

Check out the interview below, and find out Which of the Seven Dwarfs Tommy identifies with, What his ideal reality show platform is, and How he suggests DJs find new music to play when they’re looking for tracks people haven’t heard before!

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