Clément Leroux Loves Delicious Miso Soup

French producer, singer, and songwriter, Clément Leroux stopped by the K-Swiss pop-up studio during the Nexus Radio Lounge Amsterdam to talk about his latest projects, his ADE experience, and to take the Nexus Take 5 quiz.

Clément Leroux is lauded for his indie rock style of electronic music. He is most well-known for his 2018 single “U Got My Heart,” a floaty duet recorded with his then-girlfriend, Emma Hoet. Clément earned a degree in sound engineering at SAE institute in London, and is a multi-faceted instrumentalist, playing guitar, piano, and bass guitar. He has been playing music since the age of 7, when he started learning to play the piano. Just a couple of years into his music career, his songs have already been streamed over 8 million times.

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While he was in the K-Swiss pop-up studio, Clément talked about his new single, and dropped news of a soon-to-be-released album in the works.  

On the question of what inspires him, Clément said: 

“People. I get inspired by people. And I get really inspired by locations as well. Like, locations and people. People I meet, places I go, they’re just like the basic inspiration.”

When asked what he was like in high school, Clément told us:

“Oooh, well, I loved talking to everyone in high school. I was kind of that guy, I was also kind of a bad student as well. I wasn’t doing much because I discovered music, so I was basically just producing in my room.”

In the same vein, when we asked him what advice he’d give his younger self, Clément said:

“Oooh, don’t rush. Don’t try to do things too quickly. Just do your thing, and believe in yourself, really. That’s the most important.”

Check out the interview here, and find out what Clément Leroux’s go-to hangover cure is, and which three musicians or music industry people he’d take with him if he were stranded in the Amazon rainforest.

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