D-wayne The DJ Who Believes That Animals Could Change The World

D-wayne sat down with us at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam.

The 26-year-old house DJ has released music with Afrojack, Bobby Rock, and Pnut & Jelly, to name a few. His latest track, “Ninja,” was released with Big & Dirty Records earlier this year.


His musical career can be dated back as early as 2009 and demonstrates versatility when it comes to club music. Humorously, however, the artist says his favorite part of the Amsterdam Dance Event, the event of the year for thousands of house DJs, is the drinks. The ‘Amsterdam Drinking Event,’ he mischievously calls it. His go-to drink is vodka with sparkling water, a classic.

excitedly talks about his recent release at the time, “Rich,” and putting together a tour in Asia. He admits that on the surface-level, the lyrics (‘I don’t want to be famous, I just want to be rich’) can appear materialistic, but it is not the real message of the song. To him, real wealth is “being healthy and having my family around.”

also partook in the Take-5 series. If he were to have a superpower, it definitely wouldn’t be the ability to read people’s minds––“That will make me go crazy! And I really couldn’t care less,” the musician responds. His choice was heartwarming:

"I would say probably to make animals talk. It’s nothing related to my own cats, but it’s more that I feel that the unconditional love that we get from pets is really inspiring and it’s something we as humans really miss toward each other in the current society, all around the world. So I feel if we could have animals talk and perhaps learn a thing or two from them, I think that would be a really good cause."

Quite fittingly, he believes that if he were one of the seven dwarves, he would be Happy. He describes himself as a generally happy person: “I’m a happy person. I enjoy my life. I enjoy what I’m doing, the and actually being busy.”

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If you’re an up-and-coming DJ,  has some advice for you: sign up to internet forums to share your music, try to network as much as possible, and “show your face at or in Miami or everywhere.” The ball will get rolling eventually, he says.

To learn more about D-wayne, including what his role would be if he were ever in the circus and his lady’s guy cat, check out our full interview with him:


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