The Swedish Star Band: Da Buzz

Da Buzz joined us today at the K-Swiss pop-up studio here at the Nexus Lounge in Amsterdam. Da Buzz is a Swedish group that focuses primarily on Eurodance and pop music. Da Buzz is a Swedish group that has managed to become one of the most successful in their home country of Sweden. Their music has been all over the charts, with an international following thanks to the world of technology. Their catchy tunes have made them one of the most recognizable in their genre of music, and they’re not stopping anytime soon.

They have a lot of meetings they will be undertaking as they work on releasing their latest pieces of musical work. They have also been going to many music festivals and performing live there, as many people have been requesting their presence at these different festivals. They have been to nearly 50 festivals already, and the requests have yet to stop pouring in for this Swedish band. 

So let’s get to the Q&A with Da Buzz. The first question asked was, what would a pair of shoes designed by K Swiss look like? Per from DaBuzz decided they should look almost like sneakers, probably a nice white color, and large enough where they are roomy to walk in, but not so big they fall off while you are dumping around on stage. 

Next up was a deeper look into what inspires the music of Da Buzz, and we get a perfect quote from Da Buzz for this. He says, “I think we are positive people, so we like faster music with high energy. Uh, it has to, it has melodies and stuff in it, so it’s, it’s more uplifting. Yeah. Happy love.”

When asked what his idea of the best cure for a hangover is. His answer? They have a particular drink in Sweden you put into another drink, which helps eliminate the hangover. It restores your balance and enables you to get ready for the rest of your day after spending all night drinking with your buddies in the town.

If you would like to learn more about Da Buzz, listening to the audio interview below! 

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