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5 Questions with Dutch DJ Dannic

stopped by the Moooi pop-up studio during the to talk about latest projects, his experience, and to take part in our Take-5 series.

Dannic is a DJ and EDM producer. He is best known for his work on single “Chase the Sun” in collaboration with and Kelli-Leigh. The single boasts tens of millions of streams across listening platforms. 

In 2015, Dannic founded his own label, Fonk Recordings, with the primary purpose of supporting up-and-coming artists. When asked how he finds these artists, he mentions the number of demos he receives: “We’re kind of established now. So people know what my sound is like. And if a demo comes up, for instance, at the A&R department of Spinnin’, they send it to me and say, ‘Hey, Dan, this might be suitable for you.’” 

One answer that fans might not expect is that when asked what his guilty pleasure TV show is, Dannic responds with Married with Children.

The conversation is fitting for the ADE atmosphere: light and comical. When asked what the best cure for a hangover is. Dannic responds with “Drink beer… just keep on drinking. That’s the worst advice ever! Actually, I’m still figuring it out. If someone knows the answer, please help. Because the older I get the worse the hangovers get.”

To learn more about Dannic, including which unconventional artist he’d love to collaborate with, listen to our with the artist below:

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