Dark Intensity: An Intense Artist With A Dark Sound

Dark Intensity joined us today at the K Swiss Pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam. Dark Intensity is a DJ from South California that is well-known for his large selection of remixes that stem from many different music genres. These music genres include electronic, techno, pop, and several others. 

 He is currently working on a twenty-track album release, and he has also been working on networking. Meeting new people, more producers, and as always, new artists that he can work with one way or another. 

If Dark Intensity were to have a pair of shoes, they would be unique in the way that they looked and were designed. The shoes would have balls around the sole of the shoe, which would not necessarily really serve any type of purpose, but they would be a unique pair of shoes. 

For Dark Intensity, his inspiration comes from a fairly large selection of things. One of the biggest sources for his inspiration comes from the places that he travels to and the things that he sees as he travels. After that, he just tries to create his music from the things that he saw and the vibes that he gets from the places that he visits around the world. 

As he says: “So inspiration comes from many things. A lot of, uh, my inspiration is, uh, just going to places like, for example, when they go to Miami, uh, when they come back to the studio, I just remember like the vibe I experienced there. So I translate sound into feeling, and that’s where my current style comes up for that current track.”

The advice that Dark Intensity would give to his younger self would be to drink less and work more. Both of which are things that he does not do nowadays but would have helped make a difference to his younger self as he grew up. 

He handles jet lag in a way that is not common amongst many musicians or those who often travel by plane. Dark Intensity prefers to do as much work as he possibly can while he is still on the plane. Doing this allows him to take a day off after he lands to catch up on his sleep. Thus, he has a very effective way of both working and dealing with the jet lag that comes with all of his travelings. 

For him, the best cure to a hangover is the hair of the dog. Most people prefer to have another drink when they are on a hangover, but not Dark Intensity. He is one of the smart people that just come off of his hangover very slowly and easily. 

If he were to get stuck in the Amazon Rainforest, two of the artists he would want to get stuck with would be Beren and Fetty Legrend. Both of them are artists that he enjoys and would love to spend a year in the Amazon Rainforest with if he got stuck there. 

If you would like to learn more about Dark Intensity or listen to the rest of the audio interview, check it out here!

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