DJ Licious Gets Deep

Belgium-based producer DJ Licious stopped by the Moooi pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam to talk about his latest projects, his ADE experience, and to try his hand at our Take 5 quiz.

DJ Licious started his music career a number years ago when he set up his own clubbing concept, SHOMI. In 2016, he decided to expand operations, founding his own label imprint in association with N.E.W.S. By 2019, he’d racked up over 19 million streams across all platforms, and today he’s busy remixing, producing, and performing.

While he was at the lounge with us, DJ Licious dropped the news of a new single out on Tiesto’s label. He said, in addition to this long-awaited track that fans can expect a few more downtempo radio tracks to be released in the coming weeks.

On his dream collaboration with an unconventional musical artist, he said:

“I think my wildest dream is impossible, because he’s dead, but among living artists, maybe Thom Yorke. I’m a big Radiohead lover, and to make a track with that voice would be one of my wildest dreams.”

During the interview, DJ Licious got pretty deep with his responses to our serious Take5 questions, and his answers didn’t disappoint. In addition to his fears of losing touch with his passion, he talks starting over, and career and life advice.

DJ Licious

In answer to the question, “if you could start over, what would you change?”  DJ Licious said:

“Wow. Maybe I would get more help in the beginning. Because in the beginning I always wanted to do everything myself, management, everything, and I thought that I could handle it all, and that cost me some time to grow as an artist. I really needed to learn to let things go and trust other people, and that’s something that I would’ve changed if I could go back.”

On his biggest fears, he said, “I think what scares me the most is losing touch with my passion and getting sick of it. Because sometimes, you know, there’s so much drama around everything you do, and so much legal stuff around music and tracks you make, that you lose sight of the fun part of making music, and that’s something I’m really scared of, but I guard it very intensively to keep that fun.”

Take a listen to the interview below, and find out what the best piece of life advice that DJ Licious ever got was, why he thinks music is important, and what’s coming next for him!

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