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EDX joined us at the K-Swiss pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam. EDX is a well-known Swiss DJ and has been nominated for the Grammy Award for the legacy and sounds of his music. He has also been considered a genius in the field of music for his musical work and his talents when it comes to producing and remixing music. 

He has never been content with just seeing his corner of the world, and because of that, he has traveled around the globe to visit many countries. Exposing himself to these cultures both by traveling and through different musical festivals goes a long way in helping him produce the music he does. 

He has been going to ATC for seventeen years, and he is one of few DJs and music producers that regularly attend it. This is because it allows him to interact with people from many different cultures, all of which inspire various bits of his music. It does occur in Amsterdam, so he gets the chance to come back to Amsterdam every year since his first time back in 2002. 

Recently, he has been working on releasing new singles, and he is on his fifth for this year. It is a single called Neptune, and like the other four singles of this year, they are all instrumental tracks. He has been working a bit on a vocal track, but most of his work has been on his instrumental track. He also finished up a remix with some other producers in Amsterdam, and then once he finishes up in Amsterdam, he will be going to Nashville. 

With the first question that came his way, what superpower would he want? He chose the ability to talk to animals. He thinks it would be cool to talk to animals, and it is partially because he used to have a pet dog. He does not have any pets currently, and the dog that he had was many years before. 

He is asked which dwarf he would be from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but he passes on the question. Not knowing the seven dwarves is a pretty big deal, but when you create the music that EDX does, it is forgiven. He also does not really watch movies or shows in general as he is always focusing on his music. 

The final question he is asked is what three DJs he would want to bring with him to be stuck in the Amazon rainforest with. He chooses his friends Daniel and Michael, and then his final choice is just some songwriter he could take with him. His choices were mostly based on who he thought would be fun to hang out with while being in the rainforest for a year. 

If you would like to learn more about EDX or listen to the rest of the audio interview from Nexus Radio, you can check it out down below! 

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