A Conversation with the Immensely Talented Deep House Producer Ferreck Dawn

We spoke to Ferreck Dawn at the K-Swiss pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge in Amsterdam. He talked about his latest releases, his laid-back approach to ADE and he took part in our Take-5 series where we found out how he deals with jet lag and hangovers.

Ferreck Dawn has been on the scene since 2003 having been attracted to the Dutch techno clubbing scene at just 15 years old. He broke through in 2008 when he established Broken Boundaries Recording. He is best known for his melodic deep house bangers ‘Tattoo Girl’ and ‘Love Too Deep

Ferreck Dawn takes an easy-going approach to ADE, but he certainly is using the opportunity to connect with other talented producers. “I don’t schedule a lot of meetings, I just wander around the hotel. You bump into everyone, that’s what I love about ADE”.

Ferreck Dawn has been working on his new releases. They are excellent ventures into deep house while reflecting his music taste. He loves to get inspired by R&B and soul. Such an inspiration marks Ferreck Dawn’s work as unique in the world of deep house.

Ferreck Dawn has released a new track on the Sweat it Out label, ‘You and Me’. It continues in the melodic deep house tradition, But the addition of a hefty British male vocal gives ‘You and Me’ more punch than a typical deep house track. It gives Ferreck Dawn’s DJ sets an exciting twist that truly lights the crowd up.

On the Defective label, Ferreck Dawn has released ‘By My Side’, a collaboration with Anthony Valadez. It is euphoric and tailor-made for deep house lovers. It is smoother and has a much more progressive vibe.

Ferreck Dawn’s go-get-it attitude goes further than the world of music. As part of our Take-5 series, we asked him how he deals with hangovers. Ferreck Dawn is not one to lounge about and instantly says “keep drinking”. He takes a hare of the dog approach to jet lag as well. Ferreck works out or walks, whatever he can do to keep himself awake until night.

When we asked him which DJs he would most want to be stuck in the Amazon rainforest with, Ferreck Dawn gave an excellent answer reflecting his signature musical style.

Carl Cox for lovely energy, Fisher for the fun and craziness. He finished his line up by cheekily saying, “Charlotte de Witte, well I won’t say anything more”.

To find out more about Ferreck Dawn’s latest deep house tracks and to listen to his response to the rest of our Take-5 questions, head over to the Nexus Radio website to listen to the whole interview.

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