Tropical House DJ Henri PFR Shows His Love for Music in ADE Interview

We met the tropical house sensation Henri PFR at our K-Swiss pop-up studio at Amsterdam ADE. He talked about new music and gigging. The DJ also took part in our Take-5 series.

Henri PFR is a tropical house DJ from Brussels. He is an excellent musician, having played the piano from just six years old. Peiffer’s first attention from a major label was from his first mixtape, Summer Memories, which quickly racked up 70 million views on YouTube. The success of Summer Memories led to Henri PFR being signed by Armada. He now produces unreal tropical house and has worked with the likes of Robin Schulz.

Henri PFR is all about sharing his love of music with other artists. “Today I worked on some hard-style music… So that’s interesting, it is good to share moments with people who love music. That’s what I really love about ADE, they organise a writing camp. They rent a house and put a lot of studios, they put you with people you don’t know… you just make music together”

When we met Henri PFR, he told us about his hard work and busy schedule at ADE. Every day, the tropical house DJ spent a huge amount of time at meetings and in the studio. At night he gigs such as the Tomorrowland event, where he expanded his music taste by playing techno rather than his usual tropical house. 

As part of our Take-5 series, we asked him what shoes would represent him. He told us his shoes would have to be colourful with lots of lights. His tropical house is happy without being cheesy. Henri PFR is always smiling on stage and loves to see audiences smiling back at him. The tropical house DJ’s shoes would have to represent that. 

We also asked Henry PFR what advice he would give to his younger self. His words were true to his love of music. The tropical house DJ would tell himself to stop stressing and to stop worrying about failure. He believes you cannot make good music without making bad music. Henri PFR also spoke about what should drive a young musician. It should be the love of making music, and not the desire to get on the radio or to sell records. 

Henri PFR continues to create beautiful tropical house. Keep an eye on his feed to stay up-to-date with his latest releases. If you want to listen to Henri PFR’s full interview, head over to the Nexus Radio website. Find out what his hangover cure is, what inspires him, what scares him, and which three Belgian DJs he would take for a year in the Amazon Rainforest.

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