Icarus Show Their Respect to Legends at ADE Interview

We met Icarus at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio, at our Nexus Lounge at ADE19. The producers spoke to us about their ADE experience, took part in our Take-5 Series.

Icarus is a house and dance music project started by the Griffiths brothers. The Bristolian duo brings UK garage into the mix to create unique progressive house and drum and bass bangers. They are inspired by 90s dance legends such as The Chemical Brothers, as well as composers including Hans Zimmer. The result is melodic tracks that sound gigantic. Icarus released their debut album Unfold in 2020, working with an exciting range of guest vocalists. 

Icarus showed their respect for music legends during their interview. When we asked them which DJs they would take to the Amazon rainforest, the producers chose icons. They first chose the icon, Pete Tong. “He probably has so many interesting stories about all the years he has been in the industry. He doesn’t give too much away, but if you spent a year with him you could get close to him.” The producers also asked for their inspiration. “We always wanted to replicate what Chase and Status have done. The Chemical Brothers are another one.” 

ADE19 was a matter of in-and-out for Icarus. They had flown in the day before we spoke to them, and they had already used their time to speak with the press and party. Icarus were professional and measured despite being at their first ADE.

Icarus had just released their single ‘Dreams of You’ when they came to ADE. The single became one of the biggest tracks on their 2020 album Unfold. Icarus told us about how they planned to use the album to kickstart a UK tour. 

As part of our Take-5 Series, we asked Icarus what they would be in the circus. One of the producers responded with “a juggler.” When asked if he could juggle, the producer replied “no” to howls of laughter from his brother. 

We also asked Icarus what superpower they would have if they could choose any. One brother chose the ability to make food appear from thin air, describing the ability as “pretty epic.” The producer would use the power simply to get endless burritos.

The brothers were also asked what dwarfs they would be from Snow White. They chose the “ultimate combo” of dopey and sneezy. The producers chose these dwarfs as dopey and sneezy are clueless and clumsy, as Icarus expected to be by the third day of ADE. 

Since we spoke with Icarus, they have boosted their career even further. They have released countless remixes and their debut album. Icarus continue to maintain an impressive output, so keep up with their socials to catch their tracks as soon as they are released. If you want to listen to Icarus’s interview with us at ADE19, head over to the Nexus Radio website. 

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