Inaya Day and the Profound Two Flying Dutchmen

Inaya Day stopped by the BPM Supreme pop-up studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam for a chat.

Born in New York City, Inaya Day is an American singer best known for her vocals on house music tracks, though her musical career has a wide range from church choirs in Brooklyn to musicals on Broadway.
Day has her own label, Ny-O-Dae Music. Day talks of her recent release, a song called “Joyful Life,” which has a fully animated music video using what she terms “afro-tech.” She partnered with Master Fale, a South African producer, for this song. She describes it as “#BrooklynMeetsSouthAfrica.” The music video takes place in space, and features pyramids and dancing aliens for an out-of-this world experience.
Inaya Day

Day also participated in our Take 5 quiz, a series where the interviewee answers five random questions. If Day were a superhero, she’d be a pretty busy one: when asked what superpower she would have, Day chose three––reading people’s minds, making plants grow, and speaking to animals. Speaking of animals: Day breaks down the very sweet reason she owns two cats––they keep her 89-year-old mother company while she’s gone! She’s also owned newts, birds, fish, rabbits, gerbils, and hamsters.

When asked which three DJs she would bring with her to the Amazon Rainforest, Day did not miss a beat with her answer: Crystal Waters, Ultra Naté, and DJ Mike Cruz. “Those are my peeps,” she says.
The hear more about Inaya Day, including why “Inaya Day and the Two Flying Dutchmen” could be her title track and which of the seven dwarves she’d be, listen to the full interview here:

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