Our Interview With the “Way Out” Sensation INViDA

We spoke to INViDA at the Mooi pop-up studio at our Nexus Lounge at ADE19. The EDM producer spoke to us about his multi-genre approach, the origin of his moniker, and he took part in our Take-5 Series.

INViDA is the latest project by David Schoenwetter, a big name in music production over the last ten years. He has previously worked on pop-driven EDM with The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Yoko Ono, and many more legends. The project started in 2019 with the clubby banger ‘Way Out’, and the anthemic and progressive ‘Chameleon’. Since then, INViDA has produced some truly cutting edge EDM.

Schoenwetter came up with the INViDA name while playing around with the letters in his first name: David. He realised he was coming back to Vida, meaning life. With this realisation came the birth of INViDA, or ‘in the life’. He told us “I liked it. It’s related to the sound I have, which is a positive uplifting sort of electronic music, combined with pop”.

INViDA sees himself as a musical chameleon, having worked in almost every genre over the past five years. It is fitting considering the success of his track ‘Chameleon’ which had just surpassed 400,000 streams on Spotify when we spoke to him. He was delighted by the support he had received for the track from some of Spotify’s most influential playlists, including New Music Friday in Germany and Switzerland.

When we spoke to INViDA he was coming off of a busy period, working on new music with some of the world’s most exciting producers, DJ’s and songwriters. He teased a couple of tracks which he said had received a lot of attention from labels. The first track was a collaboration with the New York DJ and singer Lolo Mayhew, which he told us had a deep house feel in mind. He also told us about a new song with Alicia Maddison, which he had been applying the finishing touches to.

INViDA also took part in our Take-5 Series where he selected the option for serious questions. The responses showed how much INViDA is enjoying this stage of his life, and what he would do to get more time in the now. He told us that he was most scared by how fast time goes and, if he had the option, he would happily pause time at ADE19 forever.

INViDA continues to release stunning EDM, refusing to be defined by any specific sub-genre. Be sure to follow his social media for any new releases. If you want to find out more about INViDA, head over to the NEXUS Radio website to hear the full interview.

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