The Legend Known As Joe Stone

Joe Stone joined us today at the BPM Supreme pop-up studio here at the Nexus Radio Lounge in Amsterdam. He hails from Almelo and is a DJ and record producer that has worked for several big-name artists but is now dedicated to furthering his career and musical dreams.

He recently released a new single called Nothing else that has a very UK house sound to it, which has been his most significant project recently. Besides for his work on his new single, he has also been focusing on UK radio and pushing hard on getting that going. It has been a lot of work with how much effort he has been putting into the UK radio, but he has seen some rewards come out of all the hard work.

The first fun question that came up in the interview of Joe Stone was what his job would be if he were part of a circus. His answer, the classic clown that everybody knows well and loves to witness at the circus. He would be like the Joker from the DC movies, but he would be a good Joker. Not the actual Joker that the DC movies and franchise is so well known for.

The next question that got an answer from Joe Stone was what superpower he would want if he could have one from the following list. Making animals have the ability to talk, making food appear, have the ability to see plants grow, or have the ability to hear people’s thoughts. The one Joe Stone chose? He chose to have the ability to make food appear, which is probably the best out of that list. You never have to worry about not having the food you want whenever you want it.

The strangest thing that his pet has done around him, which is a fairly common occurrence amongst animals, is that it ate its feces. That is just what animals do, but to Joe Stone, that is still one of the strangest things he has ever seen his pet do around him.

When it comes to the seven dwarfs from Snow White, Joe says he would be Grumpy and Sleepy all rolled into one. Take both of those dwarves and their bad traits and put it together, and there you go, you have the dwarf that Joe Stone would be in this world. If you do not let him sleep, he gets grumpy, and he wants to sleep when he is grumpy, so it makes for a perfect combination.

The artists he would bring with him to would be a mix of James Brown and death punk, both of which play a part in his musical tastes. If you would like to learn more about Joe Stone or to listen to the interview in its complete audio form, you can listen to it right below!

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