Justin Mylo Revels His Temptation Island Obsession

Dutch musician, producer, and DJ Justin Mylo caught up with us at the Mooi Pop Up Studio at the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam at ADE.

Justin Mylo has been working as a performer and musician since 2015. He gained recognition shortly thereafter after working with Martin Garrix on the single “Bouncybob.”

While he was in the studio with us, Justin told us that even though he’s an Amsterdam local, he was excited to experience ADE for the first time as an artist.

Justin Mylo

On what unconventional artists he’d love to collaborate with, Justin told us:

“Well, that’s a hard question… I think for me personally, that would be Kaytranada. I think what he does is… He’s like my go-to artist. If I’m in the car, and I’m like listening to music and chilling, he’s like my go-to artist and I always listen to Kaytranada Radio on Spotify… And I guess he’s, it’s like super far away from what I do, but it’s really, really inspiring.”

When asked what his favorite guilty pleasure TV show is, he said:

“That’s probably Temptation Island… well, I mean, it’s probably everyone’s guilty pleasure, right?”

On his go-to hangover cure, Justin said:

“Oh, a big meal? And you know, honestly, sometimes I’ve thought it’s good to stay in bed all day, but it’s actually maybe better to just get out there and, you know, just get some fresh air and a good meal. That’s basically it.”

When we asked him to choose between two superpowers, Justin told us:

“Oh, I think the ability to control everyone, that’s be kind of cool. I don’t want to know what people are thinking. Like, if they’re thinking bad things about me.”

Check out the interview here and find out what Justin Mylo’s ideal Disney soundtrack remix is, what he’d do if confronted by a penguin wearing a sombrero, and about all of the new music he’s currently working on.

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