Trendsetting Melodic House DJ KC Lights Tells All

We spoke with the house DJ KC Lights at the K-Swiss pop-up studio at Amsterdam ADE. He told us about his time at ADE, his inspiration, what he had been working on, and he took part in our Take-5 series.

KC Lights is a Glaswegian DJ bringing his unique melodic style to house music. He began making music in 2012 and by 2015 he could boast a rapidly growing audience. KC Lights broke into the public eye with his single ‘Lose it All’ which received acclaim from MK and Rudimental. 

KC Lights’ music benefits from his background. He studied music at university and is used to following music outside of the house scene. We asked him about his inspiration and he told us: ‘it can be easy to follow trends and do what everyone else is doing. But if you can find ideas and inspiration elsewhere and bring it into the scene I think that is a good way forwards’.

KC Lights is all about enjoying the journey. He understands that life and progress happens slowly. To KC Lights, a grass is always greener mindset is terrible. His worldview allows the house DJ to be inspired by everything around him, especially if his career gives him the opportunity to visit new cities and meet new artists.

The house DJ certainly took this approach to ADE19. He took the opportunity to have fun but also to be creative. KC Lights told us that he had been catching up with his favourite DJs and producers and having fun. ADE19 was also an opportunity to hone his craft. KC Lights played at loads of house nights including the DOD and Friends night. 

It is no surprise that KC Lights was so happy at ADE19 considering that he had just released a new single on Till Room Records called ‘Sol’. The melodic house banger was met with a wealth of praise, and the DJ was delighted that some of the biggest DJs in the world had been playing it. From this overwhelming success, KC Lights used ADE19 as a chance to work on follow-up tracks with Till Room Records and AREA10. 

As part of our Take-5 series, we asked KC Lights for his hangover cure of choice. The house DJ showed his experience in partying in the house music scene with some excellent suggestions. Along with drinking less in the first place, he suggested hungover people should avoid wallowing. Instead, they should drink lots of water and try to get moving. 

KC Lights kept his promise to follow his time in Amsterdam with even more exciting new music. Since then, KC Lights has been producing melodic house bangers at an impressive rate. Be sure to keep an eye on his new releases that will definitely get clubs jumping once they reopen. If you want to hear the whole interview with KC Lights, head over to the Nexus Radio website.

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