From King of High School Marching Band to a Grammy: Latroit

Latroit stopped by the K-Swiss pop-up studio during the Nexus Lounge Amsterdam for a chat about latest projects, the ADE experience, and to take part in our take-5 series.

Latroit is an American DJ, record producer, and songwriter best known for hit single “Someday.” In 2018 the multitalented artist won a Grammy award for ‘Best Remixed Recording.’

It is clear that the artist is focused on the larger picture when it comes to music. Latroit, an icon of electronic dance music, talks about bringing electronic music to a broader audience, as well homelessness initiatives onstage: “There’s a lot of exciting ways to connect music with homelessness in ways that are substantiated and matter. So that’s one of the things that has my undivided attention right now.”

Latroit looks to visual art for inspiration with music. When asked what inspires him inside of the studio, he answers, “Things outside of the studio. Particularly, visual art excites me. When I need to switch a different part of my brain on creatively, I’ll go to a modern art museum.” While many musicians will speak of rock stars that inspired their careers, Latroit mentions Andy Warhol and Victor Hugo, and how they connect back to techno for him.


His answer when asked what he was like in high school may surprise many listeners, especially when looking at the driven and successful artist of today. He does not hesitate to admit that he was “the king of the nerds.” Music has always been a common theme in his life, as he reminisces on listening to a new and rare genre at the time––alternative music. 

The conversation takes on a vulnerable tone when Latroit is asked what scares him the most in life. Answering very genuinely, he responds “running out of ideas.” He is wary to not jinx himself, as he quickly adds, “I shouldn’t have even said that.”

To learn more about Latroit, including which of the seven dwarves he most identifies with, listen to our interview with him below:

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