Lucas and Steve Have a Fool-Proof Hangover Cure

Dutch DJ duo Lucas and Steve dropped by the K-Swiss pop-up Studio during the Nexus Radio Lounge Amsterdam in 2019 to talk about their latest projects, their ADE experience, and to take the Nexus Take 5 quiz.

Lucas and Steve have been working in the music industry for over 10 years. With a prolific history in remixing and live shows the duo has conquered almost everything an artist could hope to accomplish. Now though, their debut album, Letters to Remember is set to come out later this year, and features the upbeat single “Another Life.”

When asked what inspires them in the studio, Lucas and Steve said:

“I mean, there’s a couple of things. I mean, we listened to a whole wide variety of music, and that includes Jazz music, Classical music, but also Hip Hop. I mean, it can really be anything. And sometimes we hear something in an entirely different style of music and we just get inspired by what we like and make it into something that has the Lucas and Steve sound.”

Lucas and Steve

We also asked the duo what scares them the most, and they told us:

“That’s a really good question actually. I hate clowns. I hate that. There’s an actual word for that. I don’t know what it is, but there’s an actual word for that clown thing.”

When asked what advice they would give Lucas and Steve 10 years ago, they said:

“That’s a good one. A big piece of advice would be just like, we’ve just produced the music that we always liked, and when there was like the big EDM hype, I think four years ago, probably five years ago, we didn’t want to make it because it wasn’t our style of making music. So [I’d say} just to make the music that you always want to make, and what you feel. And don’t try to look around always look around, but just make what you want to make and what you feel like.”

On their best hangover cure, they told us:

“Well, actually, I’m having one today and I’ve tried so many things. I tried Alka Seltzer today, it’s like free hydration. It sounds counter-intuitive but go to the gym. Because somehow you get a little sweaty… It’s like you’re sweating all the alcohol out of your body or something. But the thing is, if you just, before you go to sleep, drink like two liters of water and you’re fine.”

Check out the interview here, and find out which DJs the duo would take with them if they were stranded in the Amazon, what their signature K-Swiss shoes would look like, and all about their new music.

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