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A Conversation with Lulleaux: A Fiercely Independent yet Collaborative Future House DJ.

We spoke to the future house DJ at the Moui pop-up studio in Amsterdam during the second day at ADE. He told us about his latest release ‘Locked Up’, his musical experimentation, and he took part in our Take-5 Series.

is a of stunning deep-house and future house. His pop sound is euphoric and easy to listen to. is best known for his hit single CONTACT and has worked extensively with Sam Feldt.

Although he loves to collaborate, shimmers with an independent spirit. We asked him which of the Seven Dwarfs he identifies with. Lulleaux said “Grumpy is the really small one right? He is different from the others and he doesn’t give a Sh**”. This approach really comes out in his music. Lulleaux is always striking in his own direction.

The main release that Lulleaux was pushing at was his new track ‘Locked Up’ which came out on the label Be Yourself. On ‘Locked Up’ Lulleaux stays true to his future house roots. It is a sparkling piano-driven track with a euphoric vocal. Lulleaux shows his strength in collaboration. ‘Locked Up’ was created with the involvement of the Norweigan DJ Robin Woods. It also uses a sample from the 1960s soul group The Temptations. Licensing issues led to the track being delayed by 18 months. The sample gives the track character and a catchiness well worth the delay.

Although he used to work within the future house style that has given him success in the past, Lulleaux is always looking to expand his musical horizons. We asked him which unconventional musician he would like to collaborate with. Lulleaux told us about a past collaboration with a reggae vocalist which he had not been happy with. Lulleaux would love to experiment with reggae and future house combinations so he asked for Ziggy Marley.

Lulleaux also showed his expanding musical horizons when he teased a collaboration on the way soon. He told us about his work on a tech-house instrumental with another unnamed DJ. Tech house is the opposite of Lulleaux’s usual organic and vocal-driven future house sound. His experimentation will certainly bring a unique approach to tech-house

Lulleaux also took part in our Take-5 Series where he told us about his sausage dog. We asked him what superpower he would choose. He said he would be able to understand animals. Lulleaux said his sausage dog is ‘crazy’ and he never knows why it goes so mad.

Lulleaux has an exciting future bringing the future house sounds to new places and genres. Listen for his latest releases on Radio. If you want to hear the whole interview, where he discusses music, ADE, and penguins head over to the Nexus Radio website.

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